To make this easy you just choose how many km or miles you want to compensate. One Metric ton CO2e costs 30 USD to compensate. A car ride of 1000km or 621 miles with an SUV emits around 0,3 metric ton CO2e, which equals 9 USD. Due to transaction costs 3usd, 300km/200miles is the lowest we can accept as compensate. t is off course not the same CO2 emissions in small hybrid as in a large SU. But the important thing is to make a contribution. If it´s not 100% accurate it´s ok. The important thing is that you did something. Thanks.


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  • Thank you for taking action and making the world better.

  • I’m a Return and Refund policy. I’m a great place to let you know what to do in case you are dissatisfied with the purchase. We truly hope you are happy to helping the world to be better. Your contribution will plant tree, install solarpanels or something else that help to offset CO2 emissions. Our goal is that we will not be needed in thefuture. Have faith and trust in us, and in your self - Together we can do this.